Why some Diets can actually Make you Gain Weight?


When you don't get the energy that your body needs to run properly your body can start slowing your metabolism to restore energy balance and stop you from losing any more weight.  This is called, metabolic adaptation or "starvation mode", and occurs when our body has the need to preserve energy due to a lack of food.

When our calorie intake is too low during long periods of time, we are putting our body under stress, creating inflammation. Also, a reduced calorie intake can affect our mood and mental capacities, triggering feelings of fatigue, anxiety, depression, and a preoccupation with eating. This is why restricted eating behaviors are not physically or psychologically sustainable in the long term and are ultimately damaging to your health.

When our metabolism works properly and we are eating enough food and getting appropriate rest, to get energy, the body will burn a combination of nutrients coming in from your diet, along with some stored body fat in the form of free fatty acids. A nutrient-dense diet, that contains your body's caloric needs based on factors like your gender, current weight, and activity level is always the way to go to keep a healthy and stable weight.

However, if you want to lose weight for health reasons or for your personal esthetic preferences, it is important that you do so slowly, reducing calorie intake moderately, adding beneficial habits long term, and be mindful and realistic about how long this process can take. Don't make it a race, it can be an enjoyable journey to a happier and healthier self.

Let me help you to create a nutritional and lifestyle plan to achieve your health goals.