Healthy Weight

A balanced diet along with some behavioral changes can make a big impact not only on your weight but also on your mood and emotional state.

Creating new healthy habits and incorporating them into your daily routine is the key to success. I will help you make these changes in a natural and practical way.

Diets? No, thank you.

Studies on metabolism show very clearly that restrictive weight-loss diets for most people do not work. They are short-term approaches, difficult to follow, require an immense amount of self-discipline, and often result in gaining all the lost weight back. In addition, they can produce a stress response in the body, affect your hormones and slow down your metabolism even further.

Only improving diet and incorporating new beneficial habits long-term will have an impact on your weight and your health. Let me guide you through this process and make the changes achievable and lasting.

The Root Cause

 It is NOT just about eating less and exercise more. Very often, stubborn weight is associated with problems such as insulin resistance, thyroid dysfunction, a slowed metabolism, hormonal imbalances, emotional eating, or stress.

Taking these factors into account and addressing the root cause of the problem will have a big impact on your weight and overall health.

We will discuss the impact of these issues on your weight and general health, and the best ways to address them.

Discover strategies that promote healthy habits and also a good relationship with the food you eat, so eating don't have negative or restrictive connotations, but become nurturing, satisfying, and enjoyable. 

What Do I Need To Lose Weight?

and keep the results long term

Find the Problem

An understanding of the problem and its causes

Improve your Metabolism

Learn about how the metabolic system works and how to improve it

Realistic Expectations

Adequate expectations about time and results

Prepare your Environment

Make the necessary modifications to promote behavioral changes

Maintain Behaviors

Learn how to keep healthy behaviors long term

Enjoy It

Enjoy the changes and focus on the positive effects on your general health and mood